Fergus w. Leahy

Fergus was a maser student that i co-supervised with my advisor Joe Sventek.

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing area of computing, with manufacturers rushing to market and standards bodies sticking to tried and tested architectures. However, when considering an Internet of Things within the home, many of these activities are ill-thought out, inappropriate and even possibly physically dangerous, as evidenced by various attacks. We introduce the concept of an intranet of things (iot) by defining a suitable model and device roles to represent the ecosystem of devices typically found within an Intranet of Things. We subsequently present a secure iot protocol implemented on the TelosB mote for TinyOS, which enables users to easily and securely add new Things to the network with minimal configuration, as well as protect the devices, data and user privacy against common attacks.

The dissertation as a paper can be found here

Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey
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