Build your own closed loop: Graph-based proof of concept in closed loop for autonomous networks


Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are expected to handle heterogeneous technologies, services, verticals and devices of increasing complexity. It is essential to fathom an innovative approach to automatically and efficiently manage NGNs to deliver an adequate end-to-end Quality of Experience (QoE) while reducing operational expenses. An Autonomous Network (AN) using a closed loop can self-monitor, self-evaluate and self-heal, making it a potential solution for managing the NGN dynamically. This study describes the major results of building a closed-loop Proof of Concept (PoC) for various AN use cases organized by the International Telecommunication Union Focus Group on Autonomous Networks (ITU FG-AN). The scope of this PoC includes the representation of closed-loop use cases in a graph format, the development of evolution/exploration mechanisms to create new closed loops based on the graph representations, and the implementation of a reference orchestrator to demonstrate the parsing and validation of the closed loops. The main conclusions and future directions are summarized here, including observations and limitations of the PoC.

ITU Journal: Future and Evolving Technologies