Welcome to my website

I have recently graduated with a PhD from the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow since. My thesis was entitled "A Linguistic Approach to Concurrent, Distributed, and Adaptive Programming Across the Scale Space". I am interested in distributed systems, specifically parallel computing and runtime adaptation.

I am now a research fellow at Queen's University in Belfast looking into programming languages and runtimes for parallel and distributed computing across heterogeneous (CPU/GPU/FPGA) platforms to target HPC applications.

What I Have Been Doing


  • Wireless Sensor Networks 4: Wireless Sensor Network Operating System
  • Operating Systems 3: The Insense Programming Language and Operating System
  • Computing Science in the Classroom 4
  • Advanced Programming 3
  • Java Programming 2
  • Python Programming 1
  • Peer Assisted Learning 
  • Operating Systems 3
  • Object-Orientated Software Engineering 3
  • C Programming Language 3
  • Introduction to Unix 
  • Review for the Journal of Information Security and Applications
  • Session Chair at Sensornets 2012