HSBooster Report - Standardisation for OntoCommons


OntoCommons is an EU Horizon 2020 (H2020) coordination and support action (CSA) project with the goal of standardisation of data documentation across all domains related to materials and manufacturing. It aims to achieve this goal through the use of ontologies and associated tools. The use of ontologies provides a well-defined representation of data that can be formally reasoned about, as opposed to the often-ambiguous nature of human language which is currently used in standards.

This report aims to support OntoCommons in its efforts to integrate, engage, and contribute its work to the standards community by presenting an introduction to the standards process and relevant considerations by providing an introduction to the role of standards and its goals, potentially relevant standards bodies for OntoCommons, and potential challenges that may be faced in pursuing standardisation for OntoCommons.

HSBooter - European Standardisation Booster

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